Company Information

Our Mission

Sustained Dedication to Food Safety

VICAM’s mission is rooted in the fundamental human need for safe, abundant food. As a growing awareness of the dangers of naturally occurring agricultural contaminants has converged with market globalization, concern about the safety and quality of globally sourced food has become increasingly widespread. The need to routinely monitor the occurrence of these contaminants in agricultural products inspired VICAM’s commitment to the research, development, and worldwide distribution of advanced rapid diagnostic solutions for food safety.

VICAM stands ready to meet the needs of every sector of today’s complex global supply chain. With a comprehensive product line vetted by industry leaders and trusted by customers in more than 100 countries, VICAM is the global provider of choice for next-generation food safety technology and rapid mycotoxin testing solutions.

Worldwide Partnership in a Common Cause

The goal of securing the world’s food supply requires knowledge, cooperation, and collaboration. To advance that objective, VICAM works closely with government regulatory agencies, international standards bodies, major food industry laboratories, and leading research institutions around the world. With a distribution network that stretches over more than 100 countries, VICAM has access to the latest research advances, industry expertise, and regulatory information needed to design solutions that maximize quality at every stage of the global food supply chain.

World-Class Technical Service and Customer Support

The value of partnering with VICAM goes far beyond our market-leading technology portfolio. The people at VICAM are dedicated to making sure you reap the full benefits of our leading-edge products and your relationship with us. For customers and distributors in more than 100 countries, the extensive knowledge, skills, and experience of our technical experts and customer service department are just a phone call or email away. Whatever language you speak and no matter what issue you face, VICAM’s worldwide presence, scientific strength, and customer centric attitude ensure a fast, effective response.

VICAM, providing mycotoxin testing solutions to protect and enhance the global food chain