VICAM ONE Products
VICAM ONE Product Family

Finished Feed & Pet Food Mycotoxin Testing

VICAM's ONE product family enables accurate, on-site detection of aflatoxins, fumonisin, and DON in complete feed and pet food formulations.

Afla-V ONE Strip Test and Barcode


Numeric results for total aflatoxins in your choice of two ranges:

  • 2-80 parts per billion (ppb)
  • 5-300 ppb
Afla-V ONE
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Fumo-V ONE Strip Test and Barcode


Quantify fumonisin using a single fullrange method:

  • 0.5-30 parts per million (ppm)
Fumo-V ONE
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DON-V ONE Strip Test and Barcode


Quantify vomitoxin (DON) using your choice of two ranges:

  • 0.2-10 ppm
  • 0.8-40 ppm
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Afla-V ONE is the world's first single-calibration lateral flow strip test method able to detect total aflatoxins in just minutes for complete feeds and pet foods.

DON-V ONE is the world's first fully quantitative lateral flow strip test for vomitoxin (DON) detection in complete livestock feeds and pet foods.

Myco 5-in-1 Plus

Essential Add-Ons: Test Inbound Raw Materials in Minutes

  • Measure up to 6 mycotoxins in 10 minutes
  • AQUA extraction improves sustainability and safety
    • One extraction to detect up to 6 mycotoxins
    • Precise numeric results
  • End to end quality monitoring and management
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