Afla-V ONE
Afla-V ONE

Precise, On-Site Aflatoxin Results for Animal Feeds and Pet Food

VICAM’s Afla-V™ ONE answers one of today’s toughest animal feed safety challenges with a simple, full range aflatoxin test that delivers quantitative results in just minutes for complete animal feeds and pet foods. Aflatoxin is the toxic byproduct of several mold species which are natural inhabitants of soil. Classified as a Group I carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1 & G2) present serious risks to human and animal health.

The consumption of contaminated feeds - even at very low concentrations - can result in reduced feed intake, immune suppression, reduced milk production in dairy cattle, and severe losses in growth and feed efficiency for most animal species. To safeguard livestock health and production, more than 100 countries currently enforce strict regulatory limits for aflatoxins in cereal grains, feedstuffs and complete feeds.

Afla-V ONE is the first lateral flow strip test method of its kind, able to accurately quantify total aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1 & G2) in finished feeds using one method for both feed and pet food samples. A simple barcode calibrates the Vertu TOUCH reader, eliminating the risks and cost associated with toxin-dependent calibration. Afla-V ONE also eliminates the need for sample batching, delivering on-time data for product quality and safety management when and where it can provide the best value. For unmatched speed, safety and economy, Afla-V ONE is the new standard in aflatoxin testing for finished feeds and pet foods.


  • Safe – Eliminates toxic calibration chemicals
  • Value – No hidden costs or sample batching required
  • Fast screening – Actionable results in 5 minutes*
  • Sensitive – Limits of detection as low as 2 ppb
  • Wide range – 0 to 300 ppb†
  • Convenient – Easily performed onsite or in the lab
  • Accurate – Results equivalent to HPLC methods
  • Durable – Long shelf life

*compared with traditional rapid and laboratory methods
**after extraction † Using high range procedure
This procedure has been validated for a wide range of finished feeds, including pet food

Afla V ONE — 2-80 ppb Method For Aflatoxins In Complete Feeds and Pet Foods
Afla V ONE — 5-300 ppb Method for Total Aflatoxin Detection in Complete Feeds and Pet Food

Ordering Information

Cat. No. – Description

  • 176005106 – Afla-V ONE Kit (25 Tests)*

Vertu Basic Equipment Package**

  • 176002068 – Vertu TOUCH Basic Equipment Package, 110/220V

Vertu PREP Mixer

  • 600001928 – Vertu PREP Mixer base, 110/220V
  • 600001929 – Vertu PREP Reusable Extraction Tubes (5/Pk)

Vertu Consumables and Supplies

  • 600001968 – Graduated Cylinder, 50 mL
  • 100000634 – Vertu ONE Diluent, 6 mL
  • 600001108 – Micro-Pipettor, 100 μL
  • 600001109 – Micro-Pipette Tips, 100 μL (25/pk)
  • 715007893 – Afla-V ONE Instructions Poster
  • 600000813 – Strip Test Vial (25/pk)
  • 600001107 – Strip Test Vial Rack

* Included with Afla-V ONE Kit: Afla-V HS Strips (25); Vertu ONE Diluent; Strip Test Vials (25); Micro-Pipette Tips, 100 μL (50); Afla-V ONE Instruction Guide’ Afla-V ONE Barcode Card

** Included with Vertu TOUCH Mycotoxin BEQ: Vertu TOUCH Reader, Vertu TOUCH Protective Case; Graduated Cylinder, 50 mL; Micro-Pipettor, 100 μL; Strip Test Vial Rack (1); Digital Timer; Micro-Pipette Tips, 100 μL (25); Vertu PREP Mixer; Vertu PREP Extraction Tubes (5/Pk) Digital Pocket Balance; Vertu TOUCH IQuick Start Guide; Dymo printer; set of power adapters.