Ochratoxin Testing Solutions
OchraTest WB

OchraTest WB

OchraTest WB

OchraTest WB is a quantitative method for the detection of ochratoxin A with fluorometer, LC and LC-MS/MS in a variety of commodities. Using wide bore immunoaffinity columns with a total volume of 3 mL, compared to 1 mL in VICAM’s standard columns, OchraTest WB allows for a faster flow rate preferred by many laboratories and is the ideal cleanup step for any HPLC.


  • Exclusive – Specifically for HPLC, UPLC or LC/MS/MS use
  • Durable — Long shelf life; requires no refrigeration
  • Versatile — For use with a variety of samples
  • Quick – 10 minutes to isolate toxin*
  • Wide Range — Detects levels as low as 0.25 ppb and as high as 100 ppb
  • Fast Flow — Passes more volume over the column

*excluding preparation and extraction

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